Who Benefits from the Twinning Relationship with Our Lady Queen of Apostles?

Here are two examples by parish member Diane Braza, who visited Our Lady Queen of Apostles last summer:

“We met a farmer, Rose, whose farm embodied the picture of a farm that had grown tremendously through the sustainable agriculture program. After having planted a handful of banana shoots initially, Rose and her family had raised enough banana plants to expand the plantation substantially. Besides benefiting from the "Send the Chicks" program and raising chickens, they also are growing beans, coffee, jack fruit, and raising crops to sustain their large family and feed several cows and goats. We also were able to witness a baby calf that was born 4 hours prior to our visit walk for the first time!”

“On another farm visit, we met Mr. Muwondge Hardson and his beautiful family. He is a disabled farmer whose family participates in the Sustainable Agriculture program. During our visit, we heard first hand his personal story about how this program has truly changed his family’s life, particularly given his disability and resultant physical challenges. He shared the great benefit of raising poultry to his farm activities. The beautiful picture on one of the prayers cards is his daughter, wearing a St. Eugene t-shirt.”


We do! The members of St. Eugene! Since the relationship started, we as parish members have become aware of the cultural differences between us and also the things we have in common as we share the spiritual riches of the gospel that helps us both grow in our faith.

Donations can be placed in the houses in the Narthex or checks can be sent to the parish office. Thank you from the Twinning Committee. 

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