Personal Experience: Morgan and Allie Braza

Below is written by Morgan and Allie Braza (two college students from our parish) who visited our sister parish in Uganda last summer when they saw the "Send the Chicks" project.

We weren't quite sure what to expect when we went back to our sister parish that afternoon, but Fr. John and others on the Twinning Committee seemed eager to show us something. When we came around the back side of the parish we saw the "Send the Chicks" banner and there was so much excitement! We saw a lot of chicks at different stages: some were huddled around heat lamps, others were slightly bigger and older. Not only was everyone excited, but we could sense so much pride in Fr. John and all the other farmers and Twinning Committee members.

They were excited to explain the process of how farmers come to pick up their chicks, and there were even some farmers there from the agriculture program and we were able to watch the chicks being handed off to them. The chicks were very loud and constantly chirping away and we were all able to hold a chick (a little scary, but they were super soft and cute.) Everyone was laughing and enjoying themselves and the farmers seemed honored to be receiving the chicks from this program. We saw how strong the bond is between Our Lady Queen of Apostles Parish and our own St. Eugene Parish.

Fr. John explained the future plans of the chick project and the plans demonstrated that our resources have been used wisely. We left there feeling confident that the "Send the Chicks" project would grow into a huge success and how important this program is for many farmers and families.

In addition, we understood how vital our prayers and help have been in supporting the entire community, and we believe that our support of "Send the Chicks" will continue to help the farmers and their families to become more sustainable. This photo, taken by Fr. Jerry is of Kate Myers (one of the administrative assistants at St. Eugene) and a farmer that was taken when a chick suddenly jumped out of the farmer's hand. It was a great source of laughter! (The chick was caught and put safely back in the box.)

Donations can be put in the houses in the Narthex. Checks can be made out to St. Eugene (Lenten project in the memo line.) THANK YOU to all who have donated so far. 

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