Facts about Ugandan Chicks

Many of us think about chicks at Easter. Here are some fun facts about Uganda chicks. 

  • 1 US dollar is about 2800 Ugandan Shillings
  • A laying chick costs 3200 Shillings or $1.15USD - and it can be raised and starts to lay eggs in about 6 months.
  • One laying chicken can lay up to 300 eggs a year and a farmer can use those eggs to feed his or her family, sell the eggs at a market, or if the eggs are fertilized, raise more chicks that grow into chickens that then lay more eggs. 
  • If they raise a lot of the hens, they can sell the full grown hens for about 15,000 Shillings or $5.35USD.
  • A donation of $25USD helps a farmer get a loan to buy about 20 laying chicks. 
A farmer who purchased chicks for a small fee.

A farmer who purchased chicks for a small fee.

The farmer can then use the money earned to send his or her children to school or for health care or to improve their homes/farms. The cost for ONE YEAR tuition to attend a day school is $30USD. This includes a hot lunch of porridge.

Before a farmer can get a loan, they must attend several workshops that teaches them how to care for the chickens.

THANK YOU to all who have donated so far to help our Sister Parish Our Lady Queen of Apostles Parish in Nkokonjeru, Uganda. Donations can still be put in the houses in the Narthex. Checks can be made out to St. Eugene-Lenten Project- in the memo line. 

ALSO, please remember to pray for our brothers and sisters in Uganda, and know that we are in their prayers also. 

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