Liturgical Ministry

Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion – These ministers help to distribute Communion to the congregation at all the weekend and Holy Day masses.  EMHCs undergo initial training as well as ongoing formation.  Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion should have a deep love and profound reverence for Our Lord in the Eucharist.  This ministry is open to anyone, high school age through adults.

Minister of the Altar (Server) – These ministers, children or adult, help serve at the altar for all weekday and weekend masses.  Servers go through initial training and are scheduled on a rotating basis.  This ministry is open to anyone Grade 4 through adult.

Minister of the Word (Lector) – These ministers proclaim God’s Word and the Universal Prayer (Prayer of the Faithful) at all weekend and Holy Day masses.  Lectors receive training prior to beginning their ministry as well as continued formation.  Preparation is crucial for this ministry, and lectors receive a workbook to assist in their preparation.  A strong, clear speaking voice is necessary, and it is recommended that lectors spend time in prayer each day with the Sacred Scriptures.  This ministry is open to anyone high school age through adult.

Ministers of Hospitality (Greeters) – Greeters welcome all those who come to worship at St. Eugene, as well as take up the offering and assist congregation members in any way necessary.  They are the first people visitors and parishioners alike encounter, and as such, they should be outgoing, friendly, and welcoming.  A spirit of service is crucial for this ministry.  This ministry is open to any parishioners, and we encourage entire families to sign up for this ministry, serving together as an example of Christian love.

Sacristans – These ministers help to prepare for all of our liturgical celebrations.  They must arrive early to each mass at which they serve.  Sacristans help with the normal liturgical implements, setting up the wine, hosts, cups (chalices), and plates (patens), as well as any special celebrations, such as baptisms or ashes for Ash Wednesday.  These ministers receive initial training and ongoing formation.

Liturgical Environment – These volunteers help to create new environments and floral displays for our worship space, coordinating with the Liturgical Season.  They also help to design and implement plans for each of the major Liturgical Seasons.  We need every sort of people to help with this ministry, whether you’re creative or simply desire to offer a helping hand. 

Hospitality After Mass – These ministers help to serve refreshments in the Narthex after weekend masses on a monthly basis.

Liturgical Linens (Laundering) – These ministers help to wash and press the linens used during our Liturgical celebrations.  This happens twice monthly.


If you are interested in serving as a Liturgical Minister, please visit our Volunteer Page to share your time and talent.