May 2016 Meeting Minutes


  • Fr. Jerry Herda - Pastor
  • Fr. Jacob Strand – Associate Pastor
  • Eileen Placek – Trustee Secretary
  • Julie Martinez-Brockhus - Chairperson and Parish Representative to the Archdiocesan Pastoral Council
  • Marc Melloch - Secretary
  • Peggy Oberhofer - Human Concerns Committee Liaison
  • Jim Zausch - Formation Committee Liaison
  • James Wawrzyn - School Committee Liaison
  • Emily Naczek - Vice Chairperson, Selection Committee Chair
  • Mike Drehobl - Finance Committee Liaison
  • Mary Ann Barragry - Worship Committee Liaison
  • John Barrett - Stewardship Committee Liaison






Matt Kirchner, Kate Gould, Pete Weingarten

Finance Committee Report

Revenues are currently lower than projected, and expenses are on budget. This leaves an estimated Year end deficit of $30,000-$50,000.

The 2016-2017 budget will be $2.069 million. 

This will give all teachers a minimum 2.5% raise.  There will also be a performance bonus to help bridge the gap between current salaries and comparable area teacher salaries.  This then lead to a discussion on the parish staff salaries and the teacher’s salaries.  The teachers at St. Eugene School are currently paid much less than similar teachers in surrounding area.  There is a goal to get the teacher’s pay to be 80% of the comparable public school salaries.  Currently the parish staff is compensated on par with their peers.  There was a brief history lesson on the report paid for to learn this information.

The capital campaign’s contribution rate is on target, and a handout was provided with actual numbers received to date and current planned expenditures. The rectory roof repairs are underway, and are currently under estimates.  The west parking lot is planned to be redone this August.  At current expectations this work will take 2 weeks. The eastern entrance will be redone to slow traffic entering near the front doors of the church.  The entrance near the rectory is being reviewed for changes to slow traffic and create additional parking spots near the rectory building.  These changes need to be reviewed with the contractor for cost implications.  Further discussion was held on the kitchen renovation work.  The sanctuary upgrades will be put on hold until the new pastor arrives next year.

Pastor’s Report

Father Jerry will be leaving the parish in 2017 after 9 years.

Deacon Linn will be ordained on May 21, and will join the parish staff in June. This will occur shortly before Fr. Jacob leaves for his new assignment in Rome.

Pat Morris will start June 1 as the new business Administrator.

Heather Patrowsky, will start on June 27.  Please note Heather’s name was misspelled in the April minutes.

The Catholic Community Foundation, the organization overseeing the Parish  Endowment, has sent out an application for a $15,000 grant.  Fr. Jerry will be making an announcement at mass, and will ask for ideas on how the parish could spend this grant.  The grant application is due August 1, and the grant cannot be used to fill budget holes.  The parish is allowed 1 request and Fr. Jerry will review all ideas and submit the best idea.

Old Business

Synod Implementation – There will be a workshop held by the archdiocese at the end of September.

Fr. Jerry has been working with an Archdiocesan committee to look at leadership planning.  The archdiocese needs to be creative in coming up with ideas on creating a pipeline of qualified candidates to fulfill parish leadership roles.  Example, the average age of music liturgists in the archdiocese is currently 60 years old. 

New Business

Committed to Christ – The current mass attendance numbers was looked at, and compared to the mass numbers across the archdiocese.  From 2014 to 2015 there has been an increase in mass attendance.  The numbers were discussed as an interest, but no conclusions were drawn on the numbers presented.

Discernment – The 2 guests, Matt and Kate, have been given a month to consider joining the Pastoral Council.  There are additional parishioners with interest and it was decided to complete discernment to Pastoral Council and all positions at the June meeting.

Committee Liaisons

Human Concerns – Reminder that June 4 is Service Saturday.  Announcement that May 22 SET ministries will present information on the work they do.

Worship – May 28th will be the Corpus Christie procession at St. Monica parish on the Feast of the body, blood of Christ.

A point was made to remind the Eucharistic ministers to make communion available to the musicians during the liturgy.  There were a number of times in the past couple of weeks where communion was not given to the musicians.

The next archdiocesan newsletter will be out shortly and the ushers will be asked to hand this out with the bulletin.

Next Meeting: June 9, 2016

Respectfully submitted – Marc Melloch

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