June 2016 Meeting Minutes


  • Fr. Jerry Herda - Pastor
  • Fr. Jacob Strand – Associate Pastor
  • Eileen Placek – Trustee Secretary
  • Julie Martinez-Brockhus - Chairperson and Parish Representative to the Archdiocesan Pastoral Council
  • Emily Naczek - Vice Chairperson, Selection Committee Chair
  • Mike Drehobl- Finance Committee Liaison
  • Mary Ann Barragry - Worship Committee Liaison
  • Peggy Oberhofer - Human Concerns Committee Liaison
  • Jim Zausch - Formation Committee Liaison
  • James Wawryzn - School Committee Liaison 


John Barrett, Marc Melloch

Nicole Carpenter, Kate Gould, Matt Kirchner

Discernment of Pastoral Council
Three new members were discerned to Pastoral Council for 3 year terms: Nicole Carpenter, Kate Gould and Matt Kirchner.
Discernment was completed for Pastoral Council officers:
James Wawrzyn - Chairperson & Parish Representative to Archdiocesan Pastoral Council
Emily Naczek - Vice Chairperson & Selection Committee Chair
Marc Melloch - Secretary
The discernment of Committee Liaison positions will be completed this summer. The following individuals completed their term of service on Pastoral Council and were thanked for their contributions: Mary Ann Barragry, John Barrett, Julie Martinez-Brockhus

Pastor's Report
Catholic Community Foundation – Fr. Jerry gave a brief summary of the ideas submitted to date for the possible $15,000 grant.  Ideas will continue to be accepted for consideration through July 15, 2016.
Pastoral Council / Common Leadership Night calendar for 2016-2017 - Fr. Jerry presented the calendar and discussed the expectations for the upcoming year.
Uganda Visitors – Fr. Jerry noted that 4 visitors have applied for Visas for a September 2016 visit to St. Eugene.

Financial Report
2015-2016 Budget - With the fiscal year almost near the end as of June 30, 2016, it is expected that we will be very close to meeting overall budget.
Director of Administrative Services – On June 1, Pat Morse began his work in this role for both St. Eugene and St. Monica parishes.
Capital Campaign – Roofing projects are underway for the Church, Rectory and School.  Finishing the Church roof will be the first priority, followed by the Rectory and then the School with all the work to be completed this summer.   Work has also begun in preparation for reconstruction of the West Parking Lot with the goal of having this completed prior to the start of the 2016-2017 school year, and after the roof repairs are complete.   The Capital Campaign pledges are over $1.6 million to date. 

Old Business
Synod Implementation – All Committees are requested to send at least one representative to the Leadership meeting being held September 30 – October 1 at the Cousins Center. 
Living in Communion – All Committees are requested to review and update their Strategic Planning documents with any progress or actions needed to close out the 2015-2016 year.

New Business
Ugandan Prayer Partners – As a continuing part of our twinning relationship, Fr. Jerry requested members of the Pastoral Council to consider becoming prayer partners with members from Our Lady Queen of Apostles Parish in Nkokonjueru.

Committee Liaisons
Human Concerns –  No guidance needed.
Formation –  No guidance needed.
School – The school was honored to receive the Archdiocese of Milwaukee's Exemplary Recognition in Academic Excellence and Mission & Catholic Identity.  Those are in addition to the Exemplary Recognition in Innovative Programs (1:1 iPad Program) the school received a couple years ago.  Each recognition lasts for three years.
Stewardship –No guidance needed.
Worship – John Jurkiewicz has taken over as Server Coordinator.  The Pastoral Council extends its thanks to Dan Karasch for his many years of service in this ministry.

Next Meeting: August 30, 2016
Respectfully submitted – Mike Drehobl on behalf of Marc Melloch 

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