February 2016 Meeting Minutes


  • Fr. Jacob Strand –  Associate Pastor
  • Eileen Placek – Trustee Secretary
  • Bob Stoffel – Trustee Treasurer
  • Julie Martinez-Brockhus – Chairperson and Parish Representative to the Archdiocesan Pastoral Council
  • John Barrett – Stewardship Committee Liaison
  • Marc Melloch – Secretary
  • Mike Drehobl – Finance Committee Liaison
  • Peggy Oberhofer – Human Concerns Committee Liaison
  • Mary Ann Barragry – Worship Committee Liaison
  • Jim Zausch – Formation Committee Liaison 




  • Fr. Jerry Herda
  • James Wawrzyn
  • Emily Naczek


  • Liz Hofer
  • Shelly Weingarten
  • Mitchell Owens
  • Frank O’Dwyer


Worship Committee is working on ideas to increase the welcoming atmosphere with a focus on the elderly and new members.  A special meeting will be held to discuss this.  Time frame for the meeting has not been given.

Debbie Fons has been selected to chair a committee to be formed to deal with the sanctuary renovations.

Human Concerns Report

The Lots of Helping Hands website is having some difficulty in connecting those who need help with those looking.  Work is on going to improve this, and to make the site more user friendly.

The Human Concern’s committee would like to organize a talk to discuss volunteer opportunities.  To find guidance for an appropriate night, it has been recommended to start with Mitchell Owens.

Pastor’s Report

The merger of the endowment boards for the School and Parish should be finalized shortly.

March 4, starting at 7PM St Monica will be open for 24 hours for the day of prayer with adoration for the Blessed Sacrament. This is also the night of St. Monica’s fish fry.

Financial Report

At the end of January the revenue is slightly down and expenses are on budget.

Meetings to plan next year’s budget will begin in March.

On March 7, there will be a capital campaign meeting to discuss future projects.

The legal papers for the endowment board merger are drafted and in final review.

The bids for the roof are in, and those present at the common leadership meeting were allowed to vote for roof colors.  The top 3 colors, based on vote totals, will be brought in as samples.

Old Business

Capital Campaign – 2016 has begun, as a reminder please begin making your contributions towards your pledges.

Synod – Reminder from Julie to all present, please review A Vision for the Future: Evangelization and the Sunday Mass.

One of the ideas put forward, which has support from Fr. Jacob, is a Q& A session following the mass to discuss the readings.

Additional ideas are lessons to teach/refresh the understanding of parishioner’s knowledge of the meanings within the liturgy and Eucharistic Mass.

There was support to add a link to the parish website to the Synod document using the logo from the synod implantation booklet.

New Business

Nomination Weekend – Nomination weekend will be March 5-6. 

Julie has asked all members to find 1 person to bring to the common leadership night in April.

Committee Liaisons

Human Concerns – Grant applications were due to the human Concerns Committee Feb 19th. The Hope House had a fire this winter and has suffered significant water damage.  Their need has increased, to resupply the supply of goods needed by those served from the Hope House. At St. Robert on Sundays at 6PM there is a gathering to pray the rosary for the Middle East Crisis.

Formation – A strategic plan for the combination of the formation committee from St. Monica and St. Eugene is in process, and on April 19 a representative from the Archdiocese will come to St. Eugene to discuss the new direction of a combined formation committee.
The child and youth ministries are in the process of evaluating the programs offered and creating next year’s budget.
Reminder about the Men of Christ conference on March 12th.
On March 5th, there will be a living rosary, and volunteers are being sought.

School – The school committee received a thank you card from the students. 
The open house was well attended, and currently 16 new students have enrolled for next year, and there are 5 other potential students.
The trivia night raised $1400.
Discussions are underway for the next budget.

Stewardship – Carla Coonan presented to all present on the Auction night activities, and to remind everyone to watch their mailbox for the invitation.
The stewardship committee is looking for feedback on the recent changes to the parish bulletin format and content.
Discussions are continuing on the Parish Visioning Day. 

Worship – There will be slight change to this year’s repose ceremony on Holy Thursday in an attempt to involve more parishioners.

Next Meetings: April 19, 2016, Combined Common Leadership Night

Respectfully submitted – Marc Melloch

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