Policies for Mass Announcements

These policies for St. Eugene Congregation are put forth in an effort to follow the guidelines of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.  They state in the Introduction to the Order of Mass (2003):

“The pastoral announcements at the end [of Mass] may help the people make the transition from worship into renewed Christian witness in society. They should help the people become aware of the faith life and pastoral activity of the community and invite participation in the ongoing work of the Church.  Ordinarily announcements, when required, should be brief enough for the assembly to remain standing. . . . Announcements may be made by the deacon, by the priest if he prefers, or by another member of the community.” (143)

  • All information that is to be announced must appear in the bulletin on the weekend of the announcement.  (Announcements for information in the following week's bulletin may be allowed at the discretion of the Pastor and Director of Music & Liturgy)

  • Announcements must be sent to the Director of Music & Liturgy no later than noon on the Wednesday prior to the weekend desired.  No last-minute announcements will be entertained.  The Director of Music & Liturgy’s email is mkonewko@stme.church.

  • Announcements will generally be limited to three per weekend, with exceptions made at the discretion of the Pastor, Director of Music & Liturgy, and/or Director of Stewardship.

  • If there are already a number of announcements scheduled for the same weekend, those that will occur soonest will be announced, and those occurring later will be moved to another weekend.

  • All announcements should do one (or more) of the following:

    • Call attention to a last-minute change that came about after the bulletin went to print.  (Eg. "the Youth Group meeting for this week is cancelled. The regular meeting will resume next week.")

    • Point out an important variation from the regular schedule (Eg. "Lent begins this week. You will find a complete listing of Masses and services for Ash Wednesday in the bulletin")

    • Announce a major event (Eg. "Our parish is holding a Thanksgiving clothing drive for the first time. This important ministry is a way to respond to those who are in need. The bulletin contains complete details about this important ministry, how you can help, and whom to contact.")

    • Remind the parishioners to read the bulletin. (Eg. "St. Eugene is very active and the bulletin contains a great deal of information about what is going on and how you can get involved. Please take one home with you.")

  • No announcements will be made on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day Masses.

  • All announcements are subject to approval/editing at the discretion of the Pastor, Director of Music & Liturgy, and/or Director of Stewardship.