March 2017 Meeting Minutes


  • Fr. Jerry Herda, Pastor
  • Fr. Andrew Linn, Associate Pastor
  • Emily Naczek, Vice Chairperson, Selection Committee Chair
  • James Wawrzyn, Chairperson and Parish Representative to the Achdiocesan Pastoral Council
  • Marc Melloch, Secretary
  • Kate Gould, Human Concerns Committee Liaison
  • Peggy Oberhofer, School Committee Liaison
  • Mike Drehobl, Finance Committee Liaison
  • Eileen Placek, Trustee Secretary
  • Nicole Carpenter, Stewardship Committee Liaison
  • Jim Zausch, Worship Committee Liaison
  • Matt Kirchner, Formation Committee Liaison

Absent: None

Excused: Bob Stoffel

Guests: Connor Schlaak, Rebecca Jones, Kristen Bremenkamp


Finance Report

The budget is expected to be complete in early April. The east parking lot will be repaved in June after school is out for the summer.


Pastor’s Report

Fr. Jerry began his Pastor’s report with a thank you to the parishioners of St Eugene.  He was very proud of the past week’s activities.

With the help of our contributions the church roof in Uganda is being completely rebuilt.  The parishioners of Our Lady Queen of Apostles also raised enough money to replace the windows of the church as well.

Fr. Jerry has met with a number of priests who have shown an interest in the opening at St. Eugene and St. Monica. The priest recommendation board is expected to make their recommendation by the end of April.


School Committee Report

The budgeted enrollment for 2016-2017 school year was 160 students.  Actual student numbers have been 168-170.  For the 2017-2018 school year enrollment is projected to be flat.  There have been 19 new families registered, and the K5 class is already full.

The annual fund has raised more than $90,000 with $13,000 of this as matching contributions.

Rebecca Jones spoke about the 3 Archdiocesan Exemplary Awards earned by the school and how the school has been recognizing alumni who have made the honor rolls at the various schools they attend.

The question was posed what is the capacity of the school, 250.  It was also stated that at current trend levels enrollment could reach 200 in the coming years.


Capital Campaign

Father Jerry has been asked to speak to the plans to redo the east parking lot.  

Fr. Jerry and Eileen Placek need to review the proxy to ensure the east parking lot improvements will be covered.


Pastor Appointment Process

Fr. Jerry reminds the council members to think about a transition plan for the new pastor.  Fr. Jerry states the small gatherings (max of 30 people) at a parishioner’s home were helpful when he began his time.  Reminder there is only 3 months to go.


60th Anniversary Celebration

Eileen Placek is still working on ideas for the picnic this coming June.  


Committee Liaisons


Update on the search for a new director of Music and Liturgy. The search committee is working to have the position filled for a July 1 start date.

Fr. Jerry’s last weekend mass at St Eugene will be June 10 & 11.

This summer St. Eugene will be celebrating its 60th anniversary.  Additionally there will be a celebration for 2 sisters who will also be celebrating a 60th anniversary.

There was discussion about some new hospitality initiatives the worship committee is considering.


For the 3 days of the Parish mission there were approximately 1600 people to attend, 300 on Monday, 900 on Tuesday and 400 on Wednesday.

There were 108 confirmations took place with more than 640 people witnessing the ceremony.

There is a stated desire to have 4 members of the formation committee from each parish.


Teacher appreciation will be the first week of May, and a new parent survey will be coming out later in the year.

Additional discussion on the Dunwood development was held.

Human Concerns

The baby bottle campaign raised $4,000.

The grants received are being reviewed.

Sandwich Saturday is looking for a new coordinator.

This year’s service Saturday will be June 3.


Auction recap, 2 attendees for dinner and cocktails. The auction raised $45,000 and $14,000 for tuition assistance. There has been a stated desire to attempt to have a downtown venue for the next auction.

The 60th anniversary planning is continuing.

Plans are underway for a founder’s brunch.

Discussion on how to keep the Committed to Christ program relevant past lent.

Next Meeting: May 16, 2017

Respectfully submitted – Marc Melloch

June 2016 Meeting Minutes


  • Fr. Jerry Herda - Pastor
  • Fr. Jacob Strand – Associate Pastor
  • Eileen Placek – Trustee Secretary
  • Julie Martinez-Brockhus - Chairperson and Parish Representative to the Archdiocesan Pastoral Council
  • Emily Naczek - Vice Chairperson, Selection Committee Chair
  • Mike Drehobl- Finance Committee Liaison
  • Mary Ann Barragry - Worship Committee Liaison
  • Peggy Oberhofer - Human Concerns Committee Liaison
  • Jim Zausch - Formation Committee Liaison
  • James Wawryzn - School Committee Liaison 


John Barrett, Marc Melloch

Nicole Carpenter, Kate Gould, Matt Kirchner

Discernment of Pastoral Council
Three new members were discerned to Pastoral Council for 3 year terms: Nicole Carpenter, Kate Gould and Matt Kirchner.
Discernment was completed for Pastoral Council officers:
James Wawrzyn - Chairperson & Parish Representative to Archdiocesan Pastoral Council
Emily Naczek - Vice Chairperson & Selection Committee Chair
Marc Melloch - Secretary
The discernment of Committee Liaison positions will be completed this summer. The following individuals completed their term of service on Pastoral Council and were thanked for their contributions: Mary Ann Barragry, John Barrett, Julie Martinez-Brockhus

Pastor's Report
Catholic Community Foundation – Fr. Jerry gave a brief summary of the ideas submitted to date for the possible $15,000 grant.  Ideas will continue to be accepted for consideration through July 15, 2016.
Pastoral Council / Common Leadership Night calendar for 2016-2017 - Fr. Jerry presented the calendar and discussed the expectations for the upcoming year.
Uganda Visitors – Fr. Jerry noted that 4 visitors have applied for Visas for a September 2016 visit to St. Eugene.

Financial Report
2015-2016 Budget - With the fiscal year almost near the end as of June 30, 2016, it is expected that we will be very close to meeting overall budget.
Director of Administrative Services – On June 1, Pat Morse began his work in this role for both St. Eugene and St. Monica parishes.
Capital Campaign – Roofing projects are underway for the Church, Rectory and School.  Finishing the Church roof will be the first priority, followed by the Rectory and then the School with all the work to be completed this summer.   Work has also begun in preparation for reconstruction of the West Parking Lot with the goal of having this completed prior to the start of the 2016-2017 school year, and after the roof repairs are complete.   The Capital Campaign pledges are over $1.6 million to date. 

Old Business
Synod Implementation – All Committees are requested to send at least one representative to the Leadership meeting being held September 30 – October 1 at the Cousins Center. 
Living in Communion – All Committees are requested to review and update their Strategic Planning documents with any progress or actions needed to close out the 2015-2016 year.

New Business
Ugandan Prayer Partners – As a continuing part of our twinning relationship, Fr. Jerry requested members of the Pastoral Council to consider becoming prayer partners with members from Our Lady Queen of Apostles Parish in Nkokonjueru.

Committee Liaisons
Human Concerns –  No guidance needed.
Formation –  No guidance needed.
School – The school was honored to receive the Archdiocese of Milwaukee's Exemplary Recognition in Academic Excellence and Mission & Catholic Identity.  Those are in addition to the Exemplary Recognition in Innovative Programs (1:1 iPad Program) the school received a couple years ago.  Each recognition lasts for three years.
Stewardship –No guidance needed.
Worship – John Jurkiewicz has taken over as Server Coordinator.  The Pastoral Council extends its thanks to Dan Karasch for his many years of service in this ministry.

Next Meeting: August 30, 2016
Respectfully submitted – Mike Drehobl on behalf of Marc Melloch 

June 9, 2016 Agenda

June 9, 2016

1.      Welcome Visitors

2.      Approval of May Minutes

3.      Discernment of Council and Officers

  • Parish Representatives to Archdiocesan Pastoral Council

4.      Pastor’s Report  


5.      Financial Report:  Mike Drehobl

  • Capital Campaign Update

6.      Old Business

  • Synod Implementation
  • Living in Communion

7.      New Business

8.      Committee Liaisons:  Reports and Guidance

  • Human Concerns: Peggy Oberhofer
  • Formation Committee: Jim Zausch
  • School Committee:  James Wawrzyn
  • Stewardship:  John Barrett
  • Worship Committee:  Mary Ann Barragry

May 2016 Meeting Minutes


  • Fr. Jerry Herda - Pastor
  • Fr. Jacob Strand – Associate Pastor
  • Eileen Placek – Trustee Secretary
  • Julie Martinez-Brockhus - Chairperson and Parish Representative to the Archdiocesan Pastoral Council
  • Marc Melloch - Secretary
  • Peggy Oberhofer - Human Concerns Committee Liaison
  • Jim Zausch - Formation Committee Liaison
  • James Wawrzyn - School Committee Liaison
  • Emily Naczek - Vice Chairperson, Selection Committee Chair
  • Mike Drehobl - Finance Committee Liaison
  • Mary Ann Barragry - Worship Committee Liaison
  • John Barrett - Stewardship Committee Liaison






Matt Kirchner, Kate Gould, Pete Weingarten

Finance Committee Report

Revenues are currently lower than projected, and expenses are on budget. This leaves an estimated Year end deficit of $30,000-$50,000.

The 2016-2017 budget will be $2.069 million. 

This will give all teachers a minimum 2.5% raise.  There will also be a performance bonus to help bridge the gap between current salaries and comparable area teacher salaries.  This then lead to a discussion on the parish staff salaries and the teacher’s salaries.  The teachers at St. Eugene School are currently paid much less than similar teachers in surrounding area.  There is a goal to get the teacher’s pay to be 80% of the comparable public school salaries.  Currently the parish staff is compensated on par with their peers.  There was a brief history lesson on the report paid for to learn this information.

The capital campaign’s contribution rate is on target, and a handout was provided with actual numbers received to date and current planned expenditures. The rectory roof repairs are underway, and are currently under estimates.  The west parking lot is planned to be redone this August.  At current expectations this work will take 2 weeks. The eastern entrance will be redone to slow traffic entering near the front doors of the church.  The entrance near the rectory is being reviewed for changes to slow traffic and create additional parking spots near the rectory building.  These changes need to be reviewed with the contractor for cost implications.  Further discussion was held on the kitchen renovation work.  The sanctuary upgrades will be put on hold until the new pastor arrives next year.

Pastor’s Report

Father Jerry will be leaving the parish in 2017 after 9 years.

Deacon Linn will be ordained on May 21, and will join the parish staff in June. This will occur shortly before Fr. Jacob leaves for his new assignment in Rome.

Pat Morris will start June 1 as the new business Administrator.

Heather Patrowsky, will start on June 27.  Please note Heather’s name was misspelled in the April minutes.

The Catholic Community Foundation, the organization overseeing the Parish  Endowment, has sent out an application for a $15,000 grant.  Fr. Jerry will be making an announcement at mass, and will ask for ideas on how the parish could spend this grant.  The grant application is due August 1, and the grant cannot be used to fill budget holes.  The parish is allowed 1 request and Fr. Jerry will review all ideas and submit the best idea.

Old Business

Synod Implementation – There will be a workshop held by the archdiocese at the end of September.

Fr. Jerry has been working with an Archdiocesan committee to look at leadership planning.  The archdiocese needs to be creative in coming up with ideas on creating a pipeline of qualified candidates to fulfill parish leadership roles.  Example, the average age of music liturgists in the archdiocese is currently 60 years old. 

New Business

Committed to Christ – The current mass attendance numbers was looked at, and compared to the mass numbers across the archdiocese.  From 2014 to 2015 there has been an increase in mass attendance.  The numbers were discussed as an interest, but no conclusions were drawn on the numbers presented.

Discernment – The 2 guests, Matt and Kate, have been given a month to consider joining the Pastoral Council.  There are additional parishioners with interest and it was decided to complete discernment to Pastoral Council and all positions at the June meeting.

Committee Liaisons

Human Concerns – Reminder that June 4 is Service Saturday.  Announcement that May 22 SET ministries will present information on the work they do.

Worship – May 28th will be the Corpus Christie procession at St. Monica parish on the Feast of the body, blood of Christ.

A point was made to remind the Eucharistic ministers to make communion available to the musicians during the liturgy.  There were a number of times in the past couple of weeks where communion was not given to the musicians.

The next archdiocesan newsletter will be out shortly and the ushers will be asked to hand this out with the bulletin.

Next Meeting: June 9, 2016

Respectfully submitted – Marc Melloch

April 2016 Meeting Minutes


  • Fr. Jerry Herda - Pastor
  • Fr. Jacob Strand – Associate Pastor
  • Eileen Placek – Trustee Secretary
  • Julie Martinez-Brockhus - Chairperson and Parish Representative to the Archdiocesan Pastoral Council
  • Marc Melloch - Secretary
  • Peggy Oberhofer - Human Concerns Committee Liaison
  • Jim Zausch - Formation Committee Liaison
  • James Wawrzyn - School Committee Liaison
  • Emily Naczek - Vice Chairperson, Selection Committee Chair
  • Mike Drehobl - Finance Committee Liaison
  • Mary Ann Barragry - Worship Committee Liaison
  • John Barrett - Stewardship Committee Liaison




  • Bob Stoffel


  • Joe Prisco
  • Rebecca Jones
  • Sara O'Neil

School Committee Report

From Sara O’Neil, the school committee has been working with the home and school committee on activities for teacher appreciation week.

The school enrollment subcommittee is helping to analyze what trends exist in the area.  These trends may act as a launch point for Suzie Nettesheim’s work on increasing school enrollment.

From Rebecca Jones, the school has been awarded full accreditation.  On May 1, the 11:00 mass will be a school thank you mass.  

For next school year, the K4 has full enrollment, and the K5 class has 1 open slot.  The K3 class is half full, but this level of commitment is similar to previous year’s enrollment levels. A new compensation model for teacher salaries is being rolled out.  The new model will give all teachers a base raise, and those on the lower end of the scale will see an increased raise to bring their salaries more in line with teachers in the surrounding schools. 

Rebecca also points out; many companies have matching funds available when donating to a school, and if your company offers this please take advantage of it.

Pastor’s Report

Heather Petrowski will start July 1 as the Pastoral Associate, and Patrick Morris will begin June 1 as the new Business Administrator.  A new associate pastor, Fr. Jacob’s replacement, should be known in the mid May timeframe.

4 members from Our Lady Queen of Apostles parish have been invited to come to the US this fall.  The 4 members are in the process of applying for US visas.  This is a difficult process and there are no guarantees the visas will be granted.  

Financial Report

With the fiscal year 75% complete, $843,000 has been collected of 1.125 budgeted. The auction had 270 attendees and raised ~$55,000.  The Holy Brewers raised $1700.

The Capital Campaign has collected $623,000 to date.

The roof repairs were initially estimated at $350,000, current accepted bid estimates cost to be $297,000.  The roof repairs have been approved by the village of Fox Point, and work was expected to begin at the end of April.

The initial budget for 2016-2017 fiscal year has increased to 2.068 million.  This is an increase of $50,000.

Old Business

Capital Campaign – The hope is to have the parking lots redone in August 2016, prior to the start of the school year, and after the roof repairs are complete.

Father Jerry has asked for the committee to consider allowing some items of lower dollar value, but lower on the list of priorities to be accelerated if there is an immediate need.  This will be an ongoing discussion over the course of the campaign.

Synod Implementation – The worship committee will be reviewing the Vision for the Future document to come up with a plan to incorporate the ideas from the document into St. Eugene’s common practices. 

New Business

Dunwood DevelopmentFather Jerry proposes to have Bob Stoffel be the official St Eugene spokesperson at any future meetings involving the Dunwood development. Please see the Fox Point village website for current proposed development plans. 

Fr. Jerry would like to have the ability to comment on the proposal and how it may affect St. Eugene.

Committed to Christ – This fall’s committed to Christ cards will end at the start of Advent.  It was asked to have some metrics developed to track the effectiveness of the cards.  Mass attendance has been tracked for a number of years, and at the May meeting additional details will be provided to the committee.

Committee Liaisons

Human Concerns – Grants of $1000 dollars were handed out to 17 local groups.  On May 22, 2 of the groups will be at St. Eugene to talk between the masses.

June 4 is Service Saturday.  A discussion has begun on restarting a Habitat for Humanity group from St. Eugene.

The prayer group at Holy family to pray for a resolution to the troubles in the Middle East is still meeting.

Formation – There were 4 people discerning to join the formation committee.  Gary, from the archdiocese, discussed the role of the committee, theory of why the committee exists, and tools the committee can use to fully integrate St. Monica’s and St Eugene’s committees.  Further discussions with Fr. Jerry will be coming.  The question has also been posed, will the formation committee be helping with the vision of Heather’s role as Pastoral Associate.  Fr. Jerry will work with the formation committee on this.

School – Tuition rates for the 2016-2017 school year have been made available as of April 21.  May 1st, the 11:00 mass will be a school thank you mass. Teacher appreciation week will begin on May 2nd.   The most recent parent survey had 76 respondents, and Option C was the most commented on topic.

Stewardship – Planning for the 2017 Auction, the 25th, is underway.  Planning for next fall’s Committed to Christ cards is ongoing.  Fr. Jerryoke made over $4000.

Worship – 1 person was present for discernment to join the committee.  Discussions were held on how to make the Pentecost celebrations more special. Discussions on ways to make the parish more welcoming continue.  There is likely to be additional meetings to further develop ideas.

Next Meeting: May 7, 2016

Respectfully submitted – Marc Melloch

April 19, 2016 Agenda


April 19, 2016


1.     Welcome School Committee and Pastoral Council Nominees

2.     Approval of February Minutes

3.     Pastor’s Report  

·      Update on Pastoral Associate

·      Business Administrator

4.     Financial Report:  Mike Drehobl and Finance Council

·      Budget

·      Capital Campaign Update

5.     Old Business

·      Synod Implementation

6.     New Business

·      Dunwood Development – Discussion

·      Review of Committed to Christ

o   Letter writing campaign

o   Mass attendance

·      Guidelines for Chairpersons and Secretaries

7.     Committee Liaisons:  Reports and Guidance

·      Human Concerns: Peggy Oberhofer

·      Formation Committee: Jim Zausch

·      School Committee:  James Wawrzyn

·      Stewardship:  John Barrett

·      Worship Committee:  Mary Ann Barragry


Next Meeting:  Pastoral Council May 17 at 6:30pm - Discernment




February 2016 Meeting Minutes


  • Fr. Jacob Strand –  Associate Pastor
  • Eileen Placek – Trustee Secretary
  • Bob Stoffel – Trustee Treasurer
  • Julie Martinez-Brockhus – Chairperson and Parish Representative to the Archdiocesan Pastoral Council
  • John Barrett – Stewardship Committee Liaison
  • Marc Melloch – Secretary
  • Mike Drehobl – Finance Committee Liaison
  • Peggy Oberhofer – Human Concerns Committee Liaison
  • Mary Ann Barragry – Worship Committee Liaison
  • Jim Zausch – Formation Committee Liaison 




  • Fr. Jerry Herda
  • James Wawrzyn
  • Emily Naczek


  • Liz Hofer
  • Shelly Weingarten
  • Mitchell Owens
  • Frank O’Dwyer


Worship Committee is working on ideas to increase the welcoming atmosphere with a focus on the elderly and new members.  A special meeting will be held to discuss this.  Time frame for the meeting has not been given.

Debbie Fons has been selected to chair a committee to be formed to deal with the sanctuary renovations.

Human Concerns Report

The Lots of Helping Hands website is having some difficulty in connecting those who need help with those looking.  Work is on going to improve this, and to make the site more user friendly.

The Human Concern’s committee would like to organize a talk to discuss volunteer opportunities.  To find guidance for an appropriate night, it has been recommended to start with Mitchell Owens.

Pastor’s Report

The merger of the endowment boards for the School and Parish should be finalized shortly.

March 4, starting at 7PM St Monica will be open for 24 hours for the day of prayer with adoration for the Blessed Sacrament. This is also the night of St. Monica’s fish fry.

Financial Report

At the end of January the revenue is slightly down and expenses are on budget.

Meetings to plan next year’s budget will begin in March.

On March 7, there will be a capital campaign meeting to discuss future projects.

The legal papers for the endowment board merger are drafted and in final review.

The bids for the roof are in, and those present at the common leadership meeting were allowed to vote for roof colors.  The top 3 colors, based on vote totals, will be brought in as samples.

Old Business

Capital Campaign – 2016 has begun, as a reminder please begin making your contributions towards your pledges.

Synod – Reminder from Julie to all present, please review A Vision for the Future: Evangelization and the Sunday Mass.

One of the ideas put forward, which has support from Fr. Jacob, is a Q& A session following the mass to discuss the readings.

Additional ideas are lessons to teach/refresh the understanding of parishioner’s knowledge of the meanings within the liturgy and Eucharistic Mass.

There was support to add a link to the parish website to the Synod document using the logo from the synod implantation booklet.

New Business

Nomination Weekend – Nomination weekend will be March 5-6. 

Julie has asked all members to find 1 person to bring to the common leadership night in April.

Committee Liaisons

Human Concerns – Grant applications were due to the human Concerns Committee Feb 19th. The Hope House had a fire this winter and has suffered significant water damage.  Their need has increased, to resupply the supply of goods needed by those served from the Hope House. At St. Robert on Sundays at 6PM there is a gathering to pray the rosary for the Middle East Crisis.

Formation – A strategic plan for the combination of the formation committee from St. Monica and St. Eugene is in process, and on April 19 a representative from the Archdiocese will come to St. Eugene to discuss the new direction of a combined formation committee.
The child and youth ministries are in the process of evaluating the programs offered and creating next year’s budget.
Reminder about the Men of Christ conference on March 12th.
On March 5th, there will be a living rosary, and volunteers are being sought.

School – The school committee received a thank you card from the students. 
The open house was well attended, and currently 16 new students have enrolled for next year, and there are 5 other potential students.
The trivia night raised $1400.
Discussions are underway for the next budget.

Stewardship – Carla Coonan presented to all present on the Auction night activities, and to remind everyone to watch their mailbox for the invitation.
The stewardship committee is looking for feedback on the recent changes to the parish bulletin format and content.
Discussions are continuing on the Parish Visioning Day. 

Worship – There will be slight change to this year’s repose ceremony on Holy Thursday in an attempt to involve more parishioners.

Next Meetings: April 19, 2016, Combined Common Leadership Night

Respectfully submitted – Marc Melloch